“If families knew the full scope of what was available to support a proactive cultivation of growing and deepening attentiveness over time, I believe many would choose it in a heartbeat. Most simply haven’t ever been made  aware of these possibilities. Can’t wait to see what happens when they are!”

-Jacob Hess, Ph.D.

Where are the growing rates of attention struggles coming from? And what more can be done to support those affected?

There are fascinating answers to the first question, and surprisingly hopeful answers to the second. Our work is to lay all of this in your hands, and then join you in a conversation about what to do next.

There is every reason to believe that you can effectively cultivate long-term, sustainable improvements in attentiveness over time – whether yourself or a child you love.  This is especially true as you combine the power of behavioral, lifestyle, and mindfulness approaches in a comprehensive, personalized plan. If that’s something you’d like to learn more about, then read on!

How it works


Fill out the preliminary questionnaire, and all the questions on the ADHD Vulnerability Inventory (child/adolescent version currently available). Then score the survey yourself – to check out initial results.


Join our next video conference with Jacob and Talon to introduce the approach and lay more of the groundwork for the approach.


Stay connected with us via ongoing video conference and individual consulting as you develop and implement the individual or family plan that is right for your own situation.

Three Options. Depending on your circumstance or role, we offer different options for support:

Attentiveness is something that changes for all of us over the life span – without exception. If that’s true, what else can we do to help that core capacity move in the right direction?