It’s not easy supporting someone facing this – especially a child.  Like all parents, you naturally want your child to find the best support to more lasting healing.  As detailed on a separate page, our youth support aims to equip families with guidance they need to help their own child(ren) move towards deeper attentiveness – through a variety of different gentle supports.  In addition to guiding them in how to learn the basic behavioral approaches proven over the years, we encourage a two-level cultivation in mindfulness: in both the parent and the child.    

As summarized by Dr. Donna Nikander in 2015:  “When parents of ADHD children are trained in mindfulness practices and practice mindfulness meditation with their children, the children’s ADHD symptoms improve. Mindfulness may in fact promote behavioral modification in parents, reduce their negative automatic responses, produce more functional parenting, and improve their children’s ADHD deficits.”

Dr. Nikander references additional research that points out “that parent-child mindfulness training and parent behavioral therapy combined may offer the most optimistic changes for improving children’s ADHD deficits. This combination is particularly effective when both the parents and children have symptoms of ADHD, because while mindfulness improves self-regulation, the behavioral training teaches parents how to modify their own parenting patterns.”

This is the essence of our own offering – providing parents the support to adopt both kinds of changes in their home:  both behaviorally and mindfully. For more details on what actually happens in a youth consult, click here.