Therapists, counselors and social workers.  A good therapist can be a miracle in someone’s healing and growth process – helping someone explore the variety of possible contributors to what they are facing, and make key adjustments.  In addition to the other guidance you provide them, consider recommending and supporting their involvement in this educational and support program. We’ll even keep you updated throughout if you’d like.   

Medical doctors, nurses and physician assistants.  Medical professionals are often looked to as the front lines for these conditions.  As a result, they have often been overloaded with demand. Many medical professionals are looking for additional tools to help patients. Similar to diabetes education programs, we provide therapeutic lifestyle change support across a number of areas shown to be most helpful for increasing attentiveness over time.  

If you’d like to ask questions, contact Jacob ( or join the Professional Council for Sustainable Healing happening on a quarterly basis:

For nurses, doctors, therapists, counselors, social workers, coaches, chiropractors, and wellness professionals seeking to support deeper healing and sharpen their own “professional set of tools” for both individual clients and community service (5th Saturdays when they happen; click here to register).